Ann Nunez



This month I am honored to feature marketing and web programming guru Ann Nunez from Inreact for our SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW.


Q: Thanks for taking the time to sit with us, Ann. First off, please tell our readers about yourself. Are you just a web designer?

A: Thanks for having me, Ely.  Definitely not! We are a team of professionals with specialties in the diverse fields of marketing, web programming, business development, film, photography and advertising ranging from 18-50 years in age (not that it matters).


Q: What are your metrics for success?

A: Success in my industry, for the most part, is finishing the project in a timely manner and fulfilling the client’s and my company’s expectations. In my industry, a lot of web designers and marketing specialists lack clarity (mostly because of how technical the field can be). Our success has been driven by our ability to communicate full transparency of our processes and to listen to the client and their expectations.


Q: What core values do you practice and bring to the work?

A: As I mentioned in the previous question, I try to be as transparent as possible. If we feel incapable of starting a project, we tell the client. Other values are organizational skills and experience. When you work with Inreact, you will notice that everything is very process oriented—we’ve have streamlined most of the business with processes that we have tweaked and will continue tweaking to ensure the client gets the best and smoothest experience possible.


Q: How adaptable and resilient are you to changing work environments?

A: The business was started by my husband and I when we were 19. We had no business experience and were new to the industry. Over the years, we’ve had to wear many hats and deal with many obstacles, so to answer this question truthfully, I’d say we’re very adaptable and resilient.


Q: Being in a digital based industry, do you have international clients/employees?

A: Yes, we’ve worked with various clients all over the world including Europe and even Nigeria! We did the site for the Nigerian Wine Festival, which we thought was really cool. We try to work with talent all over the world as well. Today, we have different partnerships and teams that dedicate themselves to specific service areas. For instance, for smaller projects, we turn to our Mexico team and larger scale projects, we have our team in Ukraine.


Q: What about the work are you looking forward to the most in the new year?

A: Like I mentioned before, I have worn various different hats throughout the years and now that the business has grown, my hat inventory has lowered. This year I’m looking forward to having more fun in our business and teaching. I’d like to focus fully on marketing Inreact—that’s my background, advertising. So, we’re thinking of doing some newsletters, workshops, some live feeds! I’m looking forward to all of it!


Thank you, Ann, for sharing your knowledge with our subscribers. This is Elina signing off until next month’s spotlight interview. Have a great month!

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