A Beginner’s Guide to Immigration Law

A Beginner’s Guide to Immigration Law

Miami, FL is known for its diverse cultural landscape, making it a unique hub for immigrants from around the world. Navigating the complexities of immigration law can be challenging, but understanding the basics can help you or your loved ones successfully manage the...

What You Should Know About Immigration Law

What You Should Know About Immigration Law

Immigration law in the United States is a complex and multifaceted legal area that governs who can enter the country, how long they can stay, and the process they must go through to become lawful permanent residents or citizens. If you’re seeking to understand...

What Is the Affirmative Relief Announcement?

On June 18, 2024, President Biden announced a series of immigration actions using the authority granted to him by our existing immigration laws. These actions will help certain undocumented individuals in the United States, including: Spouses and children of U.S....

Qué es el Anuncio de Alivio Afirmativo del Presidente Biden

El 18 de junio de 2024, el presidente Biden anunció una serie de acciones de inmigración utilizando la autoridad que le otorgan las leyes migratorias existentes. Estas acciones ayudarán a ciertas personas indocumentadas en los Estados Unidos, incluyendo: Cónyuges e...

We’re Hiring – EOIR / Court Paralegal

We're Hiring an EOIR/Court Paralegal!   The Santana Rodriguez Law (“SRLaw”) team practices immigration law in the areas of family and marriage-based residency, deportation defense, waivers, citizenship, naturalization, asylum, and appeals. The firm represents...

Senate Bill 1718: What Is It, and How Can It Affect You?

A key Florida Senate panel has approved a bill aimed at expanding Gov. Ron DeSantis' crackdown on illegal immigration, drawing pushback from opponents who called it an attack on the state's migrant community. This month we’ll be discussing how bills are passed in...

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