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Are you in debt? Isn’t everyone these days? This month I am honored to feature debt elimination specialist, Angel Gonzalez for our SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW.

Q: Thanks for taking the time to sit with us, Angel. First off, please tell our readers about yourself. What types of clients are you looking for?

A: Hi Elina. Thanks so much for inviting me. Being involved with client finances has validated what I have known for many years: Most people see debt as a necessary evil. Their  ill-fated solution: Investing in risky endeavors to try and outpace their debt and make more money than they are losing by having their current debt (i.e., high interest rates over long periods of time).  I’m looking to help these individuals learn how to rid themselves of debt so they can enjoy true financial freedom. My ideal clients own homes, cars, boats, have credit card debt and have student loans. The more debt you have the better my program works.

Q: This sounds too good to be true. Is it magic?

A: It’s funny you say that because it’s something I’ve heard many times; but my current clients will confirm that this is no sleight of hand.

Q: So what makes your program so good?

A: Our program focuses on eliminating debt without resorting to using consolidation loans or settling debts which severely impact your credit score. We provide a free evaluation to determine whether someone is a good fit and a free strategy session to explain the program and the game plan for getting them out of debt. We don’t ask clients to close any accounts or to stop paying their current debt obligations so credit scores are not negatively impacted. Usually, clients will see a marked improvement in their scores as they widen the gap between available credit and debt balances. Add to this one of the strongest credit repair programs in the market and you have a client who is steadily getting out of debt and building a strong credit score.

Q: That’s amazing! How did you become interested in this topic?

A: Throughout the course of my career as a health insurance agent, I’ve been in regular contact with people that have expressed frustration in that they have a hard time even buying health insurance because they are living to check to check. I saw an opportunity to help people afford better lives and got involved with Your Family Bank.

Q: With so many options for debt relief, why should someone looking for a solution go with Your Family Bank?  

A:  What sets Your Family Bank apart from other options is:

  • We turn our client’s debt into wealth
  • The credit score of our clients is not negatively impacted
  • We show our clients how to get out debt and stay that way
  • We couple our debt elimination program with a credit repair program. This means that as a client goes through our program, they are not only becoming debt free, they are becoming credit healthy at the same time.

Q: Is debt consolidation a viable option?

A:  Debt consolidation often looks great on paper but most of the time it ends up costing you more in the long run than if you just set up an effective plan to pay your debts and remain disciplined enough to follow through with your goals. Debt consolidation, by definition, is a restructuring of your debt, not elimination of it. They promise you a low monthly payment with a low interest rate but none of that is guaranteed. You may end up with a lower payment with a lower interest rate but a very long payback time which could end up costing you thousands in interest that you wouldn’t have paid before. Many times, companies will charge you up front for their service and once the client has paid them, they will not follow through and support the families.

Q: What about debt settlement?

A: Debt settlement is one of the worst options that anyone can take to get out of debt.  First off, they charge up front (usually between $1500-$3000). Once you’ve paid, fraudulent companies will not even do the work they promised to do. Even if you find a company negotiates on your behalf, many times they ask you to stop making even minimum payments. In the end, they negotiate the balances but the late fees and accumulated interest remain your responsibility. Finally, the amounts of any debts that were settled will be sent to you as a 1099C and is considered taxable under IRS tax law.

ALSO, most debt consolidation companies recommend that clients cancel credit cards to eliminate the temptation to use the now freed up lines of credit. Likewise, when you are negotiating your debt through debt settlement, your lines of credit are getting closed. This is like putting your finger in a dam to stop it from leaking, think Looney Tunes. The answer is not to get rid of the lines of credit, the answer is to teach families about credit and conservative spending habits to avoid ever getting into uncontrollable debt ever again.

Q: So what makes your program different?

A: My program, first and foremost, is NOT debt consolidation nor debt settlement. Our clients continue to pay the minimum payments towards their debt to maintain a solid relationship with creditors and ensure that their credit score is not negatively impacted. We find money that clients are already using to pay down their debt and invest it on their behalf in a guaranteed growth product to begin building up the money they need to pay off their debts, essentially converting debt to wealth. This is true debt elimination, in essence, building a new dam.

Q: You mentioned earlier that you have a strong credit repair program. Tell us a little about that.

A: My credit repair program offers an avenue for my clients to maintain and repair their credit while eliminating their debt. Keeping in line with Your Family Banks moral compass, we not only teach our clients about debt, we also teach them about their credit report. Most credit repair companies are simply trying to repair someone’s credit and move on to the next client. We have created a low-cost credit repair solution that not only includes credit restoration but educates our clients on how credit works to help them make informed decisions for life. Along with credit repair and credit education, included with the monthly, no contract, cost, we offer clients LifeLock, a financial lockbox, travel discounts, prescription discounts, a shopping portal, and we can report rental payments to the credit bureaus!

Q: This all sounds fantastic. What is one of your most memorable clients so far?

A:  One of my most memorable clients was on the verge of sitting down with a bankruptcy attorney. She found her debt insurmountable and was about to give up. After sitting with me, I determined that, on her own, it would’ve taken her 31 years to get out of debt on her own and would’ve cost her over $296,000 in interest. Through Your Family Bank, she will be out of debt in 9 ½ years and will save her $132,000 in interest. That’s money directly to her bank account. She cried when I showed her the plan. We are still working together to ensure she stays on target to pay her debts.

Q: How can our subscribers reach you for a consultation?

A: I would love to work with your subscribers. If they are interested in the FREE evaluation and FREE strategy session, they can email me at or call me directly at (305) 804-8664.

They can also visit my website to read a bit more about what I do at (currently being revamped into a whole new experience!)

They can also follow me on:





Thank you, Angel, for sharing your knowledge with our subscribers. This is Elina signing off until next month’s spotlight interview. Have a great month!

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