1. Get the right attorney.  Do your research and choose someone who is experienced in immigration and is interested in your particular case.
  2. Ask for a flat fee arrangement. Most lawyers charge by the minute, but you may ask for a flat fee arrangement, which means you will pay your attorney a certain amount for the whole task being performed. This cuts down on unexpected bills.
  3. Organize your documents as best as possible before visiting your attorney.
  4. Ask your lawyer if he or she is willing to offer you a payment plan.
  5. Limit your emails and phone calls to your lawyer.  Keep a list of all your questions and then schedule on call to avoid being billed for multiple communications.
  6. Collect your own documentation, such as police clearance letters or divorce decrees.  Your attorney will charge you extra to get these on your behalf.
  7. Get a fluent friend or family member to certify your simple translations instead of spending on a translation company.
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